a place where we make a bunch of bath bombs and document our processes

witch / enzo / florian / ruby

pink coconut bath with silver glitter and bubbles 

im gonna use the bubbles all the time now that was great

more lemon ones

lemon time :-) calendula flowers, lemon scent, and yellow colour

teal/green milk bath

vanilla and hibiscus petals 

that was the coldest bath ive ever taken curse my water heater

white bath 

i tried my orange cream soda bomb and it turned out great 

i also added a bit of epsom salt too bc last nights daring escape from cis men threatening to call the police on a roof did a number on my legs//

pink bath + gold cosmetic glitter 

jasmine, lavender and a pre made mix that had like lemongrass and sage and rosemary i think?? 

i need a better camera



lavender and pink/red with glitter (also first post!!)